The following is a collection of our HUG RUB media events.

Free Hugs – Santa Barbara

“What can one person do to make a change in the world? A HUG can do wonders!”~Jerry Matteo [Hugman]

Jerry Matteo saw the original FREE HUGS video on YouTube in 2006.
has been giving
FREE HUGS in Santa Barbara,CA. and abroad ever since.

Jerry is inviting everyone to join the movement.

You can do this by first making a FREE HUGS sign. Next, get a HUG HERE – RUB HERE shirt here and help SHARE THE LOVE!


At the Paseo Nuevo Mall

April 2017
Santa Barbara, CA.

At the Summer Solstice Parade

June 25th 2016
Santa Barbara, CA.

Free Hugs

Jerry is wearing his HUG – RUB T-Shirt while hugging people at the post-parade party in the park.

T-Shirt Launch Party

January 24th 2016
Santa Barbara, CA.

Free HugsJames Paul and his dear friend Elizabeth share a photo moment.

Free HugsJerry is getting ready for our first “HUG – RUB T-Shirt” event in Santa Barbara.